About Us

Dedicated Educators


Deliciously Nutritious, Inc. was created in 2006 by Melissa & Andre Sherwood, who saw a direct correlation between what children were or were not eating and the alarming increase in the rates of Type II diabetes, Obesity and ADHD.   As the parents and grandparents of three beautiful girls, we are naturally concerned for our own children as well as children around the world.  We work diligently to put together programs that reach out to families to teach healthy eating, nutrition, fitness and cooking, that promote all around healthy lifestyles.

Chef's Andre & Melissa Sherwood are dedicated to ensuring that children have access to healthy foods and a fighting chance at a healthy future.


First-Rate Course Offerings

At Deliciously Nutritious our children's cooking classes and summer cooking camp programs embrace a learning environment that encourages children to use their STEAM skills and their creativity to explore the wonderful world of food. Each of our classes are designed to promote a lifelong love of healthy eating and provide life skills that the children can carry with them throughout their lives.