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Deliciously Nutritious, Inc. was created in 2006 by Melissa & Andre Sherwood, who saw a direct correlation between what children were or were not eating and the alarming increase in the rates of Type II diabetes, Obesity and ADHD.   As the parents and grandparents of three beautiful girls, we are naturally concerned for our own children as well as children around the world.  We work diligently to put together programs that reach out to families to teach healthy eating, nutrition, fitness and cooking, that promote all around healthy lifestyles.

Chef's Andre & Melissa Sherwood are dedicated to ensuring that children have access to healthy foods and a fighting chance at a healthy future.


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At Deliciously Nutritious our children's cooking classes and summer cooking camp programs embrace a learning environment that encourages children to use their STEAM skills and their creativity to explore the wonderful world of food. Each of our classes are designed to promote a lifelong love of healthy eating and provide life skills that the children can carry with them throughout their lives.  

Our Mission


We believe it is never too early to start eating healthy and learning how whether you have a picky eater or a budding young chef at home, our classes encourage young children to expand their minds and palates, follow recipes, work as a team and have a fantastic time cooking.  There is whole big world of food out there and we intend to take the children’s minds and taste buds on a culinary journey.

About Us

Melissa Sherwood Executive Director Chef/Culinary Instructor


Speaker, Author, Chef, Culinary Instructor,
Nutrition Counselor, Educator & Humanitarian   

Melissa is passionate about food and its correlation to our ability to stave off illness, its health benefits and how a simple meal can bring people together.  She understands what we eat or don’t eat impacts our overall health and strives to ensure people understand the value of proper nutrition and how to eat for their optimal health. 

Key Areas of Expertise

Melissa’s focus areas include: Obesity and Diet, Stress in the Home and Workplace, How to Combat Stress Eating, Nutrition to Improve Self Esteem, Work Performance, School Performance and Families, Mental Health and Diet,  How to Eat to Stave off and Alleviate High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Heart Disease, Being Fit after 50, Menopausal Diet & Nutrition, Seniors Diet & Nutrition, Childhood Trauma and Nutrition, Childhood Obesity, Type II Diabetes and High Blood Pressure, Childhood Nutrition, Culinary Arts & Instruction, Food Insecurity, Food Deserts, Nutrition, Exercise and Cooking.

Clients Served 

Melissa works with individuals of all ages, including families, individuals, corporations, and business associations who want to ensure healthy futures for their employees and members. She has worked with Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Comcast, Chester Regional Medical Center, Baltimore Washington Medical Center, Housing Authority City of Annapolis, Anne Arundel Medical Center, and Walmart/Sam's Club.

Professional Experience

Melissa is a seasoned public speaker, combining years of experience on television and syndicated radio, with her unique approach to health.  She has successfully launched two food & health based companies:   Deliciously Nutritious, Inc. and her non-profit, Feed a Healthy Mind.  She is credited with helping thousands of children and families have access to healthy foods, being a pioneer in the childhood nutrition/cooking movement and is renowned for her positive, loving, upbeat Food Adventurer mantra.


Melissa is a mother and grandmother,  who recognized twenty years ago the unfortunate direction our healthcare and food industries were heading.  She sought to find healthy alternatives to ensure her family would thrive nutritionally and is passionate about sharing her knowledge.  She has successfully done so by becoming a Television & Radio Personality, Personal Chef, Nutrition Educator, Culinary Instruc

Chef Andre Sherwood Director Chef/Owner MadFlava Authentic Jamaican Cusisine


Jamaican Chef, Author, Culinary Instructor & Humanitarian

Chef Dre' was born and raised in St. Mary Jamaica.  At an early Bakerage he developed his love for cooking, helping his mother chop vegetables and make salad dressing.  Little did he know that these basic life skills would turn in to the foundation of his passion to become a Chef.  

Chef  Dre's world wide palate and his knowledge and respect of Jamaican Cuisine has led him to become one of the best Jamacain Chefs on the planet.  

Chef Dre' is the Owner of MadFlava Catering, serving authentic Jamaican Cuisine with an American flare.  He is affectionately know as "THE JERK MAN".  You can always find Chef Dre in the kitchen, behind a grill or at a cooking class,  teaching about and creating some of the most amazing dishes you will ever taste.

              Key Areas of Expertise

Chef Dre's areas of expertise include:

Jamaican Cuisine

Jamaican Street Food

Jamaican Fine Dining

Jamaican/American Fusion

Catering, Grill Master, Baker, Culinary Instructor, Educator &

Culinary Artist  

To learn more about Chef Dre & MadFlava visit www.flavaworld.com

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